Software Development Intern

SpiceJungle is a direct-to-consumer online spice and baking ingredient merchant (Beanilla) based out of Rockford, MI. As an entry into a full-time software development role, I was able to join the SpiceJungle team in the summer of 2016 as a Software Development Intern, focusing my time on their Magento 1.0 build.

Spice Jungle

While not my main focus, I was able to extend portions of the SpiceJungle and Beanilla templates, including page indexing for Yotpo reviews prior to their availability to do so (i.e. index n+1 product reviews to be included in search results for Google, Bing, etc.). My primary focus that summer was working on an issue inherent to Magento, which was recognizing a cost-basis for a given product in a manageable fashion. Given the volatility of spices and vanilla bean prices, we had a need to quickly recognize costs based on update vendor price sheets. Using Laravel and the Magento 1.0 SOAP API, I was able to build a dedicated dashboard for business users to quickly upload vendor price lists, recognize product margins as a gain or loss as a percentage, and quickly update those Magento prices via the API.