Applications Engineer Intern

Steelcase is a Grand Rapids-based office furniture manufacturer, with over 100 years in the business. With furniture being supplied to most major enterprise organizations (think Big Tech, etc.), Steelcase continues to be neck-and-neck for the majority share of the office furniture space with Herman Miller (or now MillerKnoll). I joined the Steelcase team twice as an intern, with an initial rotation in the summer of 2017, and a follow-up rotation in the winter of 2018.


First Rotation

During my first rotation, I was reporting the primary IT Organization at Steelcase, where my specific team was responsible for the ongoing rollout of ServiceNow, as well as continued support to other business units currently utilizing the platform. This was, in a way, my first exposure to Consulting, where our team served as internal Consultants to other business units in creating custom workflows and data structures to support those within the ServiceNow platform.

Second Rotation

Coming back, I was an intern under the Global (Corporate) Strategy team, still working as an IT intern. Our project team was tasked with building and evangelizing a new dealer tool, essentially acting as a startup company underneath the Steelcase umbrella. I was responsible for maintaining 3,000-4,000 partner products via Excel and Sharepoint (this was prior to a PIM being able to support this, think startup). Utilizing VB macros and other Excel functions, I was performing consistent product audits to ensure our information was up to date and accurately reflected in the actual software product being developed.