Solutions Engineer

VTEX is a market-leading digital commerce platform that enables enterprise and mid-market organizations to take hold of their experience being delivered to end customers, driving rich, unique, and fast multi-channel experiences.

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I joined VTEX in November of 2021 as a Solutions Engineer (SE), moving away from delivery-based Consulting and settling into the Product space for the first time. Working alongside a heavily experience SE team and Sales Organization, I've been able to build upon my presales experience and learn how to craft meaningful and engaging product demonstrations, along with envisioning future architecture of enterprise and mid-market organizations across the globe.

I'm excited to continue to support the US expansion of VTEX, with the company having IPO-ed in July of 2021. As an SE, we'll continue to support that expansion while figuring out what supporting our potential customers looks like in a COVID-impacted world (travel, etc.).